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Though not all vintage cabbage patch dolls are worth. Get the best deals on cabbage patch dolls when you shop the. Each one is lovingly born in our cleveland, georgia cabbage patch and delivered by local artists. Vintage cabbage patch kids that are worth a fortune. Cabbage patch dolls were created in 1979 and in the early 80s they were mass produced, meaning they were made in large n. The unique names given to the cabbage patch dolls included edwin nicholas, cora delilah, william jack, rose katniss, emily jane, destiny raine and jared benjamin. How much is a 1985 cabbage patch doll 1980 s cabbage patch dolls on on ebay shows that near mint cabbage patch dolls from 1985 sold for an. Dubbed little people, each doll had a soft cloth head and was signed by the creator himself. Unfortunately they chose to base the new dolls on premature infants, a rather delicate and. We have 2 1985 cabbage patch dolls that we bought new. Cabbage patch kids, originally known as little people, became a popular toy in the early 1970s. Please let me know if there are any cabbies missing from this list also, i need a good picture of every single cabbage patch doll in this list it is a huge task. Ironically, some of the most valuable cabbage patch dolls werent sold under their nowfamous name.

Discover value, price guides and vintage dolls by xavier roberts for your. So now you dont have to feel weird about keeping a whole lot of old baby dolls in your basement. Cabbage patch kids werent actually born in a field of vegetables, but out of the entrepreneurial mind of a 21yearold art student, xavier roberts, in helen, georgia. In its first year, over 3 million cabbage patch kid dolls were sold. What is a list of the names of cabbage patch dolls. Can you tell me the value of a 1985 cabbage patch kids. As a cabbage patch kid sold overseas, the tsukuda dolls were specifically made and sold in japan. Get the best deal for cloth cabbage patch dolls from the largest online selection at. This item coleco cabbage patch kids 1985 original cabbage patch kids 14 kids blonde hairblue eye girl doll in trendy fashion, multi, model. Collectible 1985 cabbage patch dolls the following are the listings that we found for you based on 1985 cabbage patch dolls, which were the keywords that you entered.

Original cabbage patch dolls are still sought today by collectors around the world. How much is a 1985 cabbage patch doll worth answers. This ponytailed cabbage patch doll comes with quite the sticker shock. Ceramic cabbage patch doll figurine girl doll 1984 2. You can also go to or and search their directory for an auction. The value of any collectible like the sonya olive cabbage patch doll can vary depending on the condition of the doll, its box, and whether or not you have the certificate of authenticity. Here are some of the designer line dolls that i have had in my possession. Unfollow cabbage patch 1985 to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. According to the cabbage patch kids website, they became the best selling new doll ever to be introduced to the toy market. The cabbage patch dolls were not only an instant hit during the 1980s but could also be described as a fad within this decade.

Vintage cabbage patch dolls please do not watch these videos if you do not like these dolls thanks any hate comments will be reported to youtube and blocked. One box is like new, the other has storage damage, torn window and 3 small tears on carton. Vintage 1985 coleco cabbage patch doll in original box w. How to value vintage cabbage patch dolls of 1985 quora. Arts toys dolls cabbage patch kids how much is a 1985 cabbage patch doll. While the coleco company produced the dolls between their primitive years, 1982 until 1988, the craze of the cabbage patch began to decline and in 1994, many years after coleco filed for bankruptcy, mattel began producing cabbage patch kids. In this bonus episode, we find some old 1985 vintage cabbage patch dolls from storage. Some sites that i recommend for selling are local, local,,, ebay and local. Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. On one of the bxes it says 1984 and the other says 1985. During this time the foreign market factories produced cpk from 19841985. The cabbage patch kid names lists are gathered from reader submissions of their dolls names or auctions for vintage dolls or their adoption paperwork as well as found through thrift store and yard sales. I was wondering if they are worth anything,all orginal paper work is still in the boxes. Little people was changed to the cabbage patch kids in 1983 coleco released mass market cabbage patch kids, they made kids, preemies, babies and toddlers in many different editions from 19831989.

If you get too few items then please change your search terms a little. How to sell original cabbage patch dolls our pastimes. Would it be quicker to try and sell all 17 at a lump sum price or sell them individually. Cabbage patch kids became yesterdays news by the late 1980s. Make offer huge lot of vintage cabbage patch dolls,accessaries, clothes 19821983 koosas 2007 cabbage patch kid magic glow surprise girl blondepink hair blue eyes nib. Cabbage patch kids weren t in 1985, a cabbage patch doll named christopher coleco in great outfits 1 with freckles cabbage patch dolls lot 3 1978. Collector information, identification my cabbage patch kids. Cabbage patch kids clothes cabbage patch kids dolls 80s kids kids girls doll clothes patterns clothing patterns lemon hair vintage cabbage patch dolls journey girls find best value and selection for your vintage 1985 coleco cabbage patch kid w lemon hair 2 ponies search on ebay. While the cabbage patch kid may sound like just another doll, what. My grandfather passed away and we were going through his things.

Price guide dianas patch custom cabbage patch kids. Each of our original handstitched to birth cabbage patch kids and little people are individual works of art. It seems your old cabbage patch dolls could now be worth a lot of. The value of a cabbage patch kid can depend on the dolls characteristics. Vintage cabbage patch preemie twins 1985 xavier roberts.

Is your cabbage patch kid worth hundreds of dollars. The amount of these dolls that exist globally significantly reduces their overall collectible value. People are starting to sell their prized cabbage patch kid dolls for thousands of dollars. Cabbage patch doll value the prices and current value on the cabbage patch kids dolls will vary depending on the age and maker of the doll. What is the value of a 1985 porcelain cabbage patch kid doll with birth certificate and box. In 1988, hasbro purchased the rights to the cabbage patch kids and began making gimmicky versions of the dolls, such as the birthday kids and baby dolls. Originally created in 1978 and called little people, these dolls are still popular today. As popular as these huggable dolls were, cabbage patch kids are not the most valuable dolls on the market. Cabbage patch kids preemie 14 doll hyacintha june born sept 1 nib 1983. During 1985, coleco produced special edition kids such as twins, world. Vintage rare 1985 cabbage patch dolls original photograph. I have sold several 1980s cabbage patch dolls on ebay. He had 4 cabbage patch dolls that are still in the orginal boxes,but the boxes are in pretty bad shape. The iconic toy has been an official olympic mascot 1992 the cbk.

The value of cabbage patch dolls depends on their rarity and their popularity with collectors. Unfollow 1985 cabbage patch doll to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. The cabbage patch dolls hit the scene in the early 1980s and came complete with adoption papers for the new parents. What is the value of a soft 1984 cabbage patch doll answers. This is a complete list of cabbage patch kids made from 1982 to 2018. Vintage cabbage patch dolls pre1990 for sale in stock. Cabbage patch world traveler doll spain in box, blue eyes tan hair, world traveler cabbage patch doll. Back in 1978 when cabbage patch creator xavier roberts first began selling his dolls, he made each one by hand. Since they were in such sad condition, we decided to open them. Every second little girl was asking santa claus for one in 1983, even so much so that the shopping centers who sold these were crowded with moms trying to get their hands on one in time for christmas before they sold out. I would reccommend researching on ebay prior to listing. Ebay cabbage patch kids selling price apartment therapy. Designer line dolls, like the transitional, are worth a little more than regular coleco dolls.

These toy versions are recognizable by their smaller size and vinyl heads. Coleco filed for bankruptcy in 1988 and in 1994, hasbro mattel took over the brand. However, in 1982, coleco took over production and began creating 16inch dolls with vinyl heads and soft bodies. Original 1985 coleco cabbage patch kids doll and box, xavier roberts signature and date in blue ink. Vintage cabbage patch kids doll 1985 linda pam in box coleco girl. The dolls started to get gimmicky and strayed too far from their original concept of being sweet, huggable, and adoptable. Your old cabbage patch doll could be worth thousands of. Cabbage patch kids 1985 preemie gerald joyce boy doll 3870 coleco march of dimes.

Your old cabbage patch dolls could be worth thousands. You might have the most valuable cabbage patch kids just. Again, sold listings, not what people are trying to currently sell an item for. Bonus episode vintage 1985 cabbage patch doll opening. The list is compiled as an online source to satisfy curiosity, foster nostalgia and perhaps serve as a guide to rename your kid. The first cabbage patch doll was released in 1983 and designed by a man named. Tlc transitional dolls, like the tlc foreign dolls are worth less. Collectible 1985 cabbage patch dolls easy price guide.

The value of an individual doll depends on popularity, date of manufacture, and number of dolls currently available for sale. Vintage cabbage patch kids that are worth a fortune antiques. Xavier roberts introduced the world to his little people or cabbage patch kids in 1976. As with all things old, vintage and collectable, the value of the doll will be dependent on the rarity and condition its in. Youll probably find that the values of the dolls in the secondary market are generally low, although that secondary market is pretty large. In 1976, roberts became fascinated with a german fabricsculpture technique from the 19th century known as. Your old cabbage patch doll could be worth thousands of dollars. Many people look at sold listings on ebay to get an idea of how much people have been willing to pay. In 1985, riding high on the success of cabbage patch kids, coleco decided to expand the doll line. In 1982, xavier roberts began marketing his famous soft sculpture dolls, previously called little people, as cabbage patch dolls.

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