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Internet usage among undergraduate dental students in india. The survey conducted by monica, curtis and srikanth based on internet use among university students shows that most of the students use this technology for courserelated reading and research needs. This poster aimed to examine the relationship between students internet usage and academic performance. Gallen, school of management, economics, law, social sciences and international affairs to obtain the title of doctor of philosophy in management submitted by nella foley from poland. These different tools are now able to work together, and combine to form networked world, which reaches into every corner of the globe undp evaluation office. The usage of internet banking service among higher. There are many problems were observed in the use of internet among university students most of the. This option is suitable for onscreen display, email, and the internet. I combine the information that i have accessed through internet and use it my. Internet access, use and gratification among university. Students who use internet more than 5 hours a day have higher problems. Internet is a tool for knowledge acquisition, research, information sharing and communication. A survey in university of the punjab, lahore, pakistan. The population comprised the entire academic and non.

Internet addiction among us college students remains a concern, but robust estimates of its prevalence are lacking. Based on a research conducted by muniandy 2010 on 92 students of university sains malaysia, 75% of the students find information through the internet often while 26% of them use the library to find information through books. An analysis of student internet usage and its impact on. They found that the levels of problematic internet use among male students are higher than female students. The purpose of this study is to study the impacts due to internet addiction among malaysian university students. The purpose of the present study is to investigate the amount of internet usage and its effective factors among high school students of khafr county fars province in the educational year of 20092010. Research methodology used in this study was by distributing survey questions to 653 university students from five different universities in malaysia. Pdf although technology is a very important, useful and indispensable part of the life.

It was used for social, commercial, political, and personal interactions. Internet use and academic success in university students article pdf available in comunicar 2448 july 2016 with 2,624 reads how we measure reads. Relationship between internet use and health orientation. Internet usage among university students in pakistan. What is the mix of library use to internet use for information sources. From the interviews with the library staff, it emerged that the library also. Pdf this study investigated internet usage among students at the university of. The research design adopted was the survey method using questionnaires as the instrument for data collection. Young adults are reluctant to share physical and emotional health queries through interpersonal communication and turn to the internet as it is seen as a fast and confidential way of getting. Masters degree of library and information science from cdlisc 1. The usage of internet banking service among higher learning students in malaysia 2.

Technology use on university campuses is increasing beyond emails and web pages as administrators are challenged to meet the needs and demands of the incoming student populations in. The researcher investigated internet usage among students at the university of nairobi using a quantitative case study method. This study was carried out to understand and bring fore if the students academic. Internet resources used by university students in their project, and which.

This study showed that when university students have the opportunity to use internet resources, almost all of them prefer to use these, rather than classical libraries for their studies, but when the information source satisfaction. Internet resources used by university students in their project, and which effects of the. Using timediary and survey data, we explore the use of various types of electronic media among firstyear students. The instrument for the study was a questionnaire tagged availability and utilization of internet facilities among undergraduate students of colleges of education auifaus. A mixed methodology approach was developed to compare what students reported about their internet usage and what the university recorded. A total of 503 respondents were used for the study. Their findings revealed that the majority of the students were not using the internet due to the inadequacy of computers with internet access, lack of skills in internet use and slow speed. Internet usage, challenges, and attitudes among university. This paper reports the findings obtained from a focus group study conducted among 8 undergraduate students on the issue of internet. Academic and social outcomes of electronic media use among university students wade c. We conducted a pilot survey of 307 college students at two us universities.

The internet is also utilised for social and other nonacademic functions. Hence, it is desirable, for students to strike a balance in the time spent online for academic and nonacademic purposes. People have three ways to learn about the world, through direct personal experiences, interpersonal interactions and the media. Social media use and outcomes among kuis foundation students faradillah iqmar omar faculty of management and muamalah. Data were collected and analysed using descriptive statistics such as the. This crosssectional study was performed among all the medical students year 15. The internet is an important source of uptodate medical information. Most of higher education universities have brought the development and implementation of new and innovative teaching strategies in higher education institutions bashir et al. Overview and identification of main problems in people management context d i s s e r t a t i o n of the university of st. Abstract this research work is a study on the impact of internet usage on academic performance of undergraduate students using university of abuja, nigeriaas a case study. The majority of students as well as faculty staff use internet for study and teaching purpose. Three studies evaluated iapiu based on dsmiv criteria for substance use and found the prevalence rates of iapiu among u. Chyuch and chung 2005 assessed preferences toward the constructivist internet based learning environment among high school students in taiwan.

Findings of the study revealed that though a considerable number of users were aware about the benefit of library. Impact of internet usage on the academic performance of. Although several studies in different countries have explored the extent to which health science students use the computer and the internet, few researches are available on this subject in nigeria. The university student population has been regarded as one of the most susceptible to developing internet addiction among all demographic groups of internet users. Internet access and use among undergraduate students of. The internet usage has grown rapidly during the last decade in almost every country in the world and in jordan specifically. Pdf internet use among university students in kenya. This study looked at students engagement in social media and its significance for their academic performance. Internet usage among students information technology essay.

Both are validated measures of problematic internet usage and depression, respectively. To assess the internet usage among dental students at a private dental institution in india. There were also significant differences in the time spent using the internet among students in different fields of study, with computer science students spending more time online 5. Abstract little is known about the influence of electronic media use on the academic and social lives of university students. This study aims to investigate the attitudes of students at the. In this study, the durations spent on the internet for academic and non. Pathological internet use among malaysia university. A large number of them have learnt to use the internet tools by themselves, or relying on assistance from friends without attending any formal training programs. Prevalence and factors associated with internet addiction. To study the internet access and usage behavior in the. A study of internet access and usage among students in the. Today through internet, all three methods are experienced at the same time. Ease of work and time saving are the reasons of internet use among university students. Students use the internet an average of two three days per week.

University of nigeria, nsukka abstract this study investigated the present information communication technology ict use among staff in nigerian colleges of education for the purpose of determining a human resource development plan. The construct is defined as a measure of the strength of ones intention to perform a. The study was conducted during the beginning of the academic year 20072008. Internet use and addiction among medical students of. Google as a search engine and yahoo as an email service are the most popular among students. Digital inequality among university students in developed. Scholars have different views on the use of social media and its effects on teaching and learning. Internet usage was assessed among the first to senioryear undergraduate dental students at the darshan dental college and hospital, udaipur, india. University of ibadan is the oldest nigerian university and located five miles 8 kilometres from the centre of the major city of ibadan in western nigeria en.

Intention to use this construct was originated from the theory of reasoned action tra by 5. A study of present ict use among staff in nigerian. The population comprises of 4,800 undergraduate students out of which 300 students were randomly selected from various faculties, 298 questionnaires were correctly filled and analyzed. Use of internet for academic purposes among students in. The hard science students were more likely to be problematic internet users than soft science and fine arts students while freshmen students were more vulnerable to problematic internet use than graduate students. Select multiple pdf files and merge them in seconds. Pdf internet use and academic success in university students. This study aims to determine the prevalence and factors associated with internet usage among medical students in a public university in malaysia. A study on students use of library resources and selfefficacy nina shrestha. Use of both technologies is higher among whites than among blacks and hispanics.

Overall, the findings of this study support previous research except for internet applications and services used by college students. Overview and identification of main problems in people. An empirical research on general internet usage patterns. It may also be used to replace the traditional classroom lectures or supplement traditional teaching methods. Luambano and nawe 2004 investigated the internet use by students of the university of dar es salaam. The population of this descriptive survey research included all the male and female students of khafr county. Since adolescents, especially some university students sometimes, use the internet for. This paper examined internet access and usage among students in the faculties of science and social and management science in olabisi onabanjo university, ogun state.

A survey of the amount of internet usage among high school. Designing an intervention to improve sexual health service use. Computer and internet use by first year clinical and. The 710th graders are relying more on the internet than are the freshmen. They have attempted to show there can be negative effect of internet use on these students, which may cause the students to become addicted and to digress from their educational studies. Combine files into a single pdf, insert a pdf into another pdf. Questionnaire based on 4likert scale and observation were used for data collection. The usage and impact of internet enabled phones on. Combine or merge files into a single pdf, adobe acrobat dc. A questionnairebased survey was done among 381 students and facetoface interviews were conducted with the university.

Follow these steps to use adobe acrobat to combine or merge word, excel. Conversely, 14% of the freshmen say 80% web as compared to 24% of precollege students. Designing an intervention to improve sexual health service use among university undergraduate students. Students in institutions of higher learning should take advantage of information available on the internet in their coursework. The researcher investigated internet usage among students at the university of. The study examined the internet access and use among undergraduate students of bowen university iwo, osun state, nigeria. University of ibadan started off as a college of the university of london. I declare that this study, internet use among university students in kenya. A number of studies reported that malaysian university students spend a major portion of their time in accessing the internet for both academic and extracurricular purposes. Pdf the use of internet resources by university students during. The university was founded in 1948 as a college of the university of london with 104 students spread among three faculties. A number of publications have studied internet addiction among university and college students. The aim of this study was to assess the uptake of computer and internet by health science students studying in the country.

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