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The list includes premiere week, final week ratings, series finale ratings, as well as the average overall count of live hong kong viewers in millions. For over 30 years, the opening theme 100% have spoiler of every episode even the ending. Set to be released near valentines day, the sequel will continue to be a patchwork of separate love stories, but will also pick up from where a time of love left off in terms of plot. Hi all, my mum likes to catch up on hk tvb cantonese news. I used to set a timer to record it for her on my playtv ps3 accessory at about 6am on most mornings on sbs australian tv channel, but ive run out of space and i get the feeling that there must be a way i can find it.

Theme songs collections from tvb dramas a virtual voyage. So, i tried mp3 i did find it, but when i tried to download it,it said that i dont have permission or something like that. Fiona sit piano cover and piano sheet requested by one of my subscriber. Wherewolf is a channel started by a group of tvb actors, including auston, joey, tammy ouyeung, brian chu and kelvin lee. In order to rescue her best friend coco kam, masseuse cheng siuyan is embroiled in a triad murder case. Charmaine sheh, kenneth ma return in a time of love 2. Starring charmaine sheh, kenneth ma, priscilla wong, pakho chau and tony hung, tvbs a time of love 2 has commenced filming. Where to download nonvirus,freetvb drama theme songs. Suspects in love tv series suspects in love poster. Suspects in love tvbi trailer here is a brand new production by renowned producer poon ka tak, reuniting flora chan and joe ma as a couple after the popular triumph in the skies. Tvb series theme songs music, videos, stats, and photos. Kate tsui and taiwanese actors james wen and chris wang will be entangled in a love triangle in the tragic theme.

Do visit our shop with justvb online shop where you can buy the latest hk tvb dramas, merchandises, exclusive custom made tvb drama related personalised mugs and. This is the activex control for melsec q series, support q series cpus. If anyone has been watching the youtube channel wherewolf, they may have picked up on the fact that tvb actor joey law was dating the sisterinlaw of auston lam. I love the theme song for plain love 2 and triumph in the sky. For you i gave my life my everything, you were my reason why, and you. Then like this page to download them all any requests, feel free to message post on the page wall. Discussion in chinese entertainment started by blee, jan 7, 2017. The chriskatejames trio is a new, refreshing collaboration and i hope now that weve opened the door, there will be more opportunities for tvb to make these multinational lol sounds funny productions in the future. The tvb eye app enables users to enjoy the followings. This is a list of series released by or aired on tvb jade channel in 1998. Welcome to the new downloads and goodies page which contains tvb themesongs download for series produced for 2010 and beyond. It has many of my favorite hong kong drama songs on here. Watch online suspects in love episode 14 cantonese. After my theme song collection died due to mu shutdown, i didnt have the energy to upload them again some are gone forever, so heres another attempt to share some hq songs that i still have in my hard drive.

Flora chan plays a coquettish masseuse, shedding her professional and stylish image. Tvb series drama software free download tvb series drama. Sam eventually falls in love with madam yuen portrayed by mandy wong, the leading detective behind the 18yearold cold case. You can be sure that i listen to all of these songs on the regular, and still love them as much now as when i first heard them. Lyrics of the only one tvb drama blue veins ending theme song by stephanie ho. Wrongly accused that she has killed someone, yan hides away from police and gangsters by reluctantly returning to her longseparated father cheng tsuncheong. These are volumes that tvb released over the years 2008, 2009, 2012. One of the main attractions of a time of love was the mix of hk actors with those from other countries. Hi all, i have downloaded a few hong kong dramas here before, but most of them are dubbed over in mandarin. With all that tvbwatching experience, ive come up with a list of my top 10 favorite tvb songs that feature not only a glimpse into some of my favorite songs, but also favorite dramas. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Tvb themesongs are great and most of em are so catchy. New justvb consists of tvb synopsis summary, news, theme song and subtheme.

Take note that they dont release all their theme songs, only some of the popular ones. What are the good hong kong tvb serial drama theme songs. Due to many peoples requests for songs and background music, ive decided to create this page where you can find the songs and background music used throughout the series. Used without permission but without intent of infringement for nonprofit, educational purposes only. Buy tv love songs forever tvb drama theme songs at with free international shipping. This tvb blog blogspot started way back in 2009 and was ceased in 20, now it is back in 2016 as a brand new just tvb site for fans who love tvb dramas. Besides those super classic theme songs that will forever remain at the top of the list, there are quite a few other songs from more recent tvb dramas that i also love. This page does not limit to just jttw 1996 but songs can include other versions as well. Theme song t subtheme song st genre notes official website 3 jan 29 jan ups and downs. Episode 7 english subtitles azdrama hong kong drama 2010. The following is a list of the highestrated drama series released by tvb in 2015. I already told you about my top 10 favorite tvb songs of all time, but that doesnt mean i was done. Tvb hk drama, free tvb hk drama software downloads. Tomorrow is another day alfred hui dead wrong stephanie ho gun metal grey alfred hui.

Invite expert xa0102 ironmaid89, why every tvb drama op 1st episode already have spoiler at the ending of the drama. Episode 20 end english subtitles azdrama hong kong drama 2010. After all the hype about the mysteries of love being a copy of the japanese series galileo, i expected something thrilling, with interesting mysteries being the mainstay. This tvb blog blogspot started way back in 2009 and was ceased in 20, now it is back in 2016 as a brand new justtvb site for fans who love tvb dramas. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from tvb series theme songs. I like the theme songs,too, thats why i want to download them, especially the theme song of the drama that raymond lam fung acted as a doctor. Charmaine sheh will be portraying kenneth mas boss in the metropolis theme.

Lost in the chamber of love theme wedding dress by ron ng and myolie wu love bond theme blossoming flowers. Wing chun nicholas tse and yuan biao yi tian tu loong ji ng kai wah. Tvb outbound love theme song lin xia wei piano cover and sheet by hou yean cha duration. Fame, love triangles, and drama hit the set of dinertown in soap opera dash, a time management game thats one giant spoof. The happiness theme will be featuring linda chung and yeon junghoon as a pair. Theme song entitled remember to forget me by alfred hui. But tvb being tvb, this series is really much more of a melodrama with some police cases thrown in.

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